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David Schaff, P.E.

David Schaff, P.E.

Vice President

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During his career, Mr. Schaff has been heavily involved in project design, contract administration and quality assurance for airport-related projects. This experience gives Mr. Schaff the necessary skills and knowledge of agency coordination, design principles and client relations to excel in contract administration activities. As a principal in the firm, Mr. Schaff is deeply committed to, and has a vested interest in, the success of every solution the Team creates. The following projects represent a sampling of Mr. Schaff’s experience:

Western Nebraska Regional Airport, Runway and Taxiway Rehabilitation, Scottsbluff, Neb. - Project manager for the rehabilitation of the main runways at WNRA. Work included milling the existing asphalt surfaces and replacing them with asphalt porous friction course over the milled surface. A majority of work on the project was completed during overnight hours to minimize disruption of commercial traffic at the airport.

Torrington Municipal Airport, Taxiway and Apron Rehabilitation, Torrington, Wyo. - Project manager for the project that improved the existing taxiway and aprons at the airport. Work included milling portions of the existing asphalt surface on the general aviation apron and taxiways and installing an asphalt overlay. New pavement markings, new aircraft tie downs, grading and seeding were part of the project.

Western Nebraska Regional Airport, Fire Station Remodel, Scottsbluff, Neb. - Project manager for the project that expanded the existing fire station to accommodate a new fire truck received from grant monies. The steel structure was expanded 20 feet and received concrete and drainage modifications. A new training center was added to the structure to facilitate educational requirements of the staff.

Torrington Municipal Airport, Lighting Improvements, Torrington, Wyo. - Project manager for the lighting improvement project that included installing a new medium intensity runway lighting (MIRL) system at the airport. Work also included minor grading of taxiway areas, the installation of four new threshold lights, and new signage as necessary.

Lincoln County-Marv Skie Airport, Runway Rehabilitation Project, Tea, S. Dak. - Project manager for the project which will rehabilitate the runway surfaces at the airport located approximately one hour south of Sioux Falls, S. Dak. This project is currently in the finishing stages of the design phase.

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