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Choose from several of our highlighted solutions listed below. If you do not see what you need, simply contact the PG&E Team. We can design the perfect solution for you.

Environmental challenges require innovative solutions. Our environmental team has more than 45 years of experience in providing solutions to our clients. Our work has been recognized by local, municipal, regional, state and federal organizations. By developing an environmental assessment solution perfect for your unique situation, our team can give you the peace of mind when dealing with environmental issues. PG&E conducts assessments and investigations ranging from ASTM Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs) to limited site or extensive subsurface investigations, complete with field service capability and a diverse staff of environmental assessment professionals. To support quality field efforts, PG&E owns and operates environmental field equipment (oil/water interface probes, vapor analyzers, geophysical instrumentation, etc.) plus truck and trailer mounted drill rigs and remedial service trucks.

Regulatory agencies have been reviewing livestock construction and expansion permit applications since 1997. More than one-third of approved permits (the number is higher in western Nebraska) are required to monitor ground water. An approved monitoring plan is necessary for state operating permits. A minimum of three monitoring wells may be necessary, and those wells need to be sampled a minimum of two times per year.  PG&E can help in the development of feedlot monitoring plans, the installation of monitoring wells, and the regular monitoring and sampling of these monitoring wells.

You have always been told to fear the things that lurk beneath. Our geotechnical team removes the fear by investigating the soil, subterranean structures and other factors that could impact any project. By understanding what lies beneath, you can reduce or avoid unforeseen conditions and costly change orders. The investigations provide insight into subsurface investigations and potential impacts they could have on a project. Issues can then be address during the design phase saving both time and money. Knowing site conditions or problems prior to building or purchasing allows you to verify the stability of the land and reduce the risk of your project while protecting your investment. Our team’s training, consulting and field and lab testing services afford our clients peace of mind. You can be confident that underground conditions are properly characterized for building and risks from potential hazards below the surface are minimized.

Water is an extremely valuable asset and needs to be protected. By ensuring clean groundwater sources are protected, we provide for future generations. The groundwater team works to protect aquifer systems, runoff watersheds and other natural water systems while balancing the needs of humanity. Should contamination of groundwater occur, the remediation process can be expensive and difficult. By development proactive strategies to protect this valuable resource, our team is helping to foster a sustainable environment for future generations.


PG&E provides consultation in occupational safety, environmental health and industrial hygiene. Numerous regulatory agencies require written plans for a wide variety of health and safety issues. PG&E can help you with these planning activities.

    • Asbestos Programs

    • OSHA Compliance Surveys

    • On-site Health and Safety Management

    • Noise Surveys and Hearing Protection Programs

    • Developing Training and Compliance Programs

    • Hazard Communication Programs

    • HAZWOPER 40 Hour Training

    • Confined Space Evaluations

    • Respiratory Protection Programs

    • Lockout/Tagout

    • Worker Exposure Evaluations

    • Chemical Hygiene Plans

    • Indoor Air Quality Testing

    • Microbiological Assessments


Regulatory agencies have been requiring most landfills to monitor the groundwater at new landfills as well as closed landfills. PG&E can help with the development of these monitoring plans, as well as, the installation of monitoring wells, the regular monitoring and sampling of these monitoring wells, and the completing the regulatory reporting.


The best plans are only as good as the construction materials and techniques used to execute them. Our clients have come to depend upon our Material Testing team’s staff of professionals to protect their interest during the final design and construction phases of their projects. Our team maintains a multi-faceted material testing laboratory equipped with the equipment perfect for your project. We can provide strength and compaction services, moisture content, density data, boring data, and asphalt and concrete testing. Our team is acutely aware that issues in subsurface/geological evaluations create construction delays that increase a project’s overall cost. Our clients are provided rapid, individualized, accurate results when utilizing our team for construction material testing. In order to provide the best material testing solutions, our team constantly improves their credentials and licensing - all to make your project better. Our lab is accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

PG&E develops remedial solutions that give you a competitive advantage in your specific market. PG&E has more than 30 years of comprehensive experience in design and implementation of remediation systems.  Our solutions combine proven engineering services with forward thinking and innovative technologies when dealing with soil and groundwater remediation. Our clients benefit from cost-effective, timely solutions that balance economic resources with environmental challenges. Remediation services include:

PG&E can be your most cost-effective environmental due diligence resource for the preparation of compliance documents such as permit applications, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, wastewater discharges or air emissions as well as plans for stormwater pollution prevention, chemical accident prevention, emergency response and waste management. With a professional staff of environmental engineers, regulatory compliance specialists, chemists, geologists and risk assessment specialists, PG&E can help you evaluate and resolve the regulation and management of hazardous materials required to get your project off the ground and moving.